The internet values have altered substantially over the last decade. Technology has repositioned from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and now steering towards Web 3.0. Whereas Web 1.0 was very fundamental in its approach, Web 2.0 worked on a concept known as Folksonomy. Today, Web 3.0 works on Me-onomy, entailing relating to the person or the organization.


Differences between the Web 2.0 and the Web 3.0 standards:


Web 2.0 uses the read and write websites, blogs, web applications, rich media, viral media, tagging or Folksonomy at the same time as content sharing and focusing on communities.


The Web 3.0 standard utilizes semantic web, widgets, drag and drop mash ups, user behavior or Meonomy, advertisement, user engagement, unites dynamic content and revolves around individuals.


Web 3.0 uses the ‘Data Web’ technology having data records that are publishable and reusable on the web with formats like RDF, XML and micro formats. It is the foundation to complete semantic web, which enables new application operability, integration of data and makes it overtly linkable and accessible in the shape of web pages. The web 3.0 standard also depicts the most recent trends for artificial intelligence. Web 3.0 intents to foreground intelligence in an organic manner by the interaction of people.


The aimed elaboration of the web 3.0 technology comprises the following:


Intelligent applications, machine learning, autonomous agents, machine reasoning and natural language processing.


Intelligent web technologies, semantic techniques like OWL, RDF, SPARQL, SWRL, and statement based data stores with semantic application platforms.


Mobile devices, omnipresent connectivity, mobile internet access with broadband adoption.


Open identity, open reputation, personal data and roaming portable identity.


Open technologies, open data formats & data license, open API’s and protocols.


SaaS business model distributed computing, cloud & grid computing and web services interoperability.


Web 2.0 technology uses intelligence amongst people alike crowd knowledge for the initiation of constructive information. Whereas, web 3.0 moves ahead with its application that thinks on its own and connects one application to the other, hence, rendering excellent results.


Web 3.0 introduces a few newer concepts used in search on web. All of these are listed here:


Contextual Search


Deductive Reasoning


Evolution of the 3D Web


Personalized Search


Tailor made Search


Web 2.0 characterizes linking of web pages within themselves. It is also about sharing of data within websites and applications together with the use of social networking.


The real power and capability of web 3.0 is yet to unleash to prove that it is much for efficient than web 2.0 standards. It engrafts intelligence in the whole web domain. It positions web robots that are intelligent enough to take decisions in the lack of any user interference. Web 3.0 standards have come to the forte by using 3D, which helps it to translate the essence into various 3D spaces.


Even though, the web 3.0 standard is encroaching in the web space, but, the web 2.0 will still continue for several years to come. This is for the reason that the semantic web technology or web 3.0 is in its initial stage and will need a substantial time to take the lead. Nonetheless, the internet will become a better place to live virtually, once the web 3.0 standards completely develop themselves and become adaptable by all the internet users globally.

In different words, you’ll never get a sale if your visitors aren’t impressed with your site. The look of your ecommerce site shouldn’t just amaze your visitors – it should also be well-organized and simple to navigate.

When designing your ecommerce website, keep in mind there are three basic steps in an online shopping experience. First, a user must find the product he is looking for with minimum possible effort. Second, you must present the product very well. Third, you have to seal the deal with a flawless checkout process.

Finding the Product

The best web design has the facility to cater to various user requirements in an integrated user interface. For the people who know accurately what they are looking for, your job here is to help them find their preferred product in as few clicks as possible. Some customers might require more hand-holding, whereas others just want to browse indifferently. Each type of customer lays out unique challenges and unique opportunities as well.

As for easy functionality, it’s pretty well required that your search bar should provide relevant suggestions as soon as the customer begins typing some keyword. This helps your customers to type a few characters and come up with prospective choices, without having to type out the entire name of the product. This auto-complete attribute can also be supplemented to cross-market products associated with the product customers are looking for. But, be careful to mark them as suggestions, and not the actual results, otherwise you customer might drift off not finding his desired product.

Showcasing the Product

Humans are visual creatures and showing them clear and quality images is the key to presenting your product. If your design doesn’t permit you to show the image at such a big size, make sure you give customers the option to view the image in a separate window. Don’t offer them a zoom tool that confines them to a little quadrant of the image.

Price: First of all show the price of the product boldly and clearly. Don’t make people register or add the products to their shopping carts prior to letting them know the price of products. This will surely irritate users and make them to leave you website. Show them the discounted price if you are offering them any, by striking off the real price below the discounted price because everybody likes to know if you are offering them a deal.

Reviews: Assign space for product reviews, because, it doesn’t matter how much you can boast the merits of your product with fancy and detailed description, but users hardly believe it until it’s been confirmed by an independent customer. Whereas positive reviews will inspire users to take the pitch and buy a product, negative reviews provide you a distinctive prospect to either alter the product or respond to customer concerns in public. This proactive approach gives your website more credibility, which renders you loyal customers and manifold sales.

Add to Cart: Since your call-to-action lures the user to click on the “Add to Cart” button, you must give enough attention to optimizing it for conversions. It’s your most significant button, so don’t conceal it. Use bold colors that distinguish well with your design and grab attention. Choose a color that is not used anywhere else in the design to make it clearly visible.

Sealing the Deal

While shopping is fun, but spending money is certainly not. Your job here is to get buyers through the payment as promptly as possible. Consider the following:

One-page checkout: Long forms with many steps necessitate the browser to load a new page, turning up detrimental to a customer’s patience. So, keep just one page check out and ask customer’s to fill in only required information like shipping details, email, phone numbers etc.

Use cookies. A cookie is usually a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while a user is browsing a website so that it can remember something about the user’s browsing history on your site. You can put up this simple tool to remember a user’s shopping cart or browsing history, it helps users to pick up where the left off, when they come again on your site.

Implementing the suggestions above may help enhance your conversion rate, and lead to happy, satisfied and loyal customers.

Purpose and Design:


The brilliant thing about a web comic – apart from the low-to-no start-up costs implicated and the liberty to create just the type of comic you want – is the fact that you can make your comic any shape, size or blend thereof that you can think of and set up your website to contain them all! The plus point with the webcomic websites is that, you can add animations, sound or make a unique user interface tailor-made to your content. Simultaneously, you have to think about your audience, how they will be seeing your comic and how far you long to push the margins between online comic and something else. Here are some suggestions for making your web comic impressive:


1 Select either vertical or horizontal for your primary orientation. Whether you select a newspaper-style strip design with three, four or five panels for every strip, a magazine-style page design with unchanging or changeable panel layouts or a single-panel that updates with clicks, uniformity will help both you and your readers. Your readers know what to expect and also allows you a definite framework to work in.


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2 Maintain steady gutters in between the panels irrespective of their orientation. Gutters allow for a short break in which action or reaction can occur, the reader can easily see and understand what was said or done in the last panel and can anticipate for what will come next. Gutters are even more significant in digital comics than print.


3 Make your web comic site in such a manner that your readers won’t have to scroll through it, and they can find every update on the standard computer screen itself. Scrolling sometimes irritates readers and can make them leave your page as they won’t understand what you are trying to convey. Make your web comic site to fit into standard 768 × 1280 pixels. If scrolling is entirely necessary, scrolling down is a much easier than scrolling across the page.


4.Learn which design will best fit the story you are trying to tell. For example, trying to fit a comprehensive epic of a story in a standard 4-panel layout is improbable to work, so serve the story just to the extent that the technology it’s showed in.


5.Make your files with an eye towards maximal adaptability. This generally entails having high-and-low resolution copies on your hard drive, but with the several ways people access the web nowadays, it also comprises being able to reformat your page for reading on a mobile phone, tablet computer or keeping your text readable when zoomed-in, while still retaining file sizes at a minimum.


6.Consider print restrictions if you plan to create hard-copy collections. This comprises options like color versus black and white, since color printing is always more costly to print, plus common page sizes are more favorable, since custom sizes are easier to get printed in economical prices.


7.Design your website so that the comic is the main focal point of your page. Although your logo, the page navigation and your contact information are also the high priority things, so make sure that none of them get hidden from the comic itself.


8.Banners are generally better at the top of the site somewhere particularly if they’re animated. Motility of any kind on the webpage is a disruption but even non-animated vertical ads can occupy precious white space. So, it’s better to leave the space either side of the comic nice and clear.


9.The most important thing that mess up comic websites is placing obstacles for the readers – such as not having the comic on the landing page, or sustaining lower resolutions, not supporting dial-up, having the comic read right to left and so on. New visitors will be seeking reasons to go away from rather than reasons to stay. It will be in best interest of your website if you don’t give them any such reason.





The ultimate aim of any website is to generate maximum traffic and back links and secure a first page ranking in Google search engine result pages which will generate more traffic in its turn. But in order to achieve something like this you must first understand the role that both on-page and off-page SEO factors play to determine your position in the SERP or Search Engine Result Pages and also the method that Google uses to rank web pages in their search engine results.

The two most important factors for getting a top ranking in Google search results are popularity and relevancy of your website. In SEO terms popularity of your website doesn’t refer to the actual number of visitors to your site but the number of other sites that are linking back to you or how many relevant back links you are generating. This popularity is also called authority and the more quality back links you generate the more authority you have in the eyes of Google. For search engine optimization professionals there are two types of authority, domain authority and page authority. Domain authority refers to the number of back links that point to the root domain of your website while page authority or page popularity refers to the number of links that that divert traffic to different pages of your website.

On page SEO factors:

The popularity of your site is one of the most important off-page SEO factors that play a very important role in determining your position in Google search result pages. But the most important on-page factors that have dominated the world of search engine optimization recently are

Title tags: Whenever anybody is viewing your website your title tag will appear at the top of the browser window and this tag is also a clickable part of your listing in Google search result pages. It is the title tag that informs Google what your webpage is all about and that is the reason putting your keywords in your title tag is the latest trend in the market.

H1 tags: The H1 tag is the headline or title of the content of your webpage and web pages with keywords in their H1 tags tend to be receiving more favor from Google that other web pages that are without a keyword in their H1 tag.

Text: The text on your page is the actual content on your page and you must write keyword optimized text that is relevant with the title tag and the H1 tag on subjects that are popular and authoritative in the terms that we have already discussed. Search engines like Google has a tendency to concentrate upon the first 50 words or so of your content and that is why many search engine optimizers prefer to use a keyword in the first fifty words so that they are easily recognized by Google and your site shoots up at the top of Google rankings.

Keyword Density: The density of keywords in your content is another most important on page factor that can really play a decisive role in your search engine result page ranking. You must find out a healthy keyword density for your content because both too many of them and too few of them can really have a telling effect on your Google ranking. Use of excessive keywords is never supported by Google and generally a 3% keyword density or three keywords for every 100 words is considered as the optimized level. You can always deviate from it depending upon your type of content but under no circumstances keyword density of your content should be more than 6%.

Internal Links: The 5th and last on-page SEO factor that can provide your site with a top Google ranking is the internal links. The latest trend in on page search engine optimization technique is to include a keyword in the internal links too these links are also taken into consideration by Google to determine the subject of content of your page which is then used in link velocity analysis to determine the number of relevant and quality back links that you have generated for your site.
Though there are a number of other factors that Google considers to analyze the relevancy and popularity of your site but keyword rich content along with keyword density still plays a vital role in content evaluation. Moreover putting keywords in almost every section of your page like the title tag and the H1 tag and the internal links is extremely critical for both keywords rank and page ranking of your site and can really provide you with a Google ranking that you have never achieved before.

Google constantly monitors any kind alteration made in keyword arrangement and closeness and also in keyword density in the same way as the link anchor text and that is the reason if search engine ranking is important to you then you must consider reviewing and optimizing keywords and keyword density in your content on a regular basis.

Factors Google consider:

Google has been in a continuous fight against affiliated links or paid links and the new search engine technology that Google has developed is expected to bring commercial linking services to the end of their career. Google Panda, which is the new spam booster for Google is supposed to be capable identifying paid and affiliated links and there is every probability that any website using them would be penalized and their Google ranking will surely suffer.

As a part of an efficient and result oriented search engine optimization effort you must know how a search engine like Google looks at your website when they visit it and pay you a ranking accordingly. Make sure that not a single on page or off page element is ignored or no HTML or XHTML element is interrupting the process. If you find any problem with any of the scripts or elements then fix it on an immediate basis. Also check for validation errors that might prevent Google from analyzing your content properly and give your site the ranking that it actually deserves.

Keeping your site up to date and optimizing it’s on page and off page SEO factors on a regular basis can really do wonder to your ranking in Google search engine results and shoot you high up in the search engine result pages. But just achieving your highest ranking is not enough and you are required to work hard and work systematically to maintain your ranking because sites with frequently fluctuating ranking is often considered as untrustworthy and once designated as a untrustworthy website recovering your high Google ranking will be extremely difficult. Avail the services of a top notch search engine optimization company to maintain your website on a professional level and also to continue with your high ranking that you have achieved in Google search results.

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With an increasing trend towards online shopping and getting information online, more and more businesses are aiming towards reaching out to the larger global audience via internet. However, building and maintaining your business online is exceptionally challenging, where every second one new website is emerging within your industry, increasing competition and making things difficult for you. With so many different choices available, online visitors hardly spend a minute in going through what a website has to offer. And here is the catch!! If you want to build your business online, you have the grab the attention of the online customers in that one second’s time only.


There are several factors that contribute towards making a website successful. Needless to say, design of your website is among the most important ones. If you have tried everything to generate traffic and revenues for your website but has failed, it is time that you rethink about your web design strategies. A thoughtful, relevant website design pays off significantly to your brand and business online, engaging visitors, converting them to actual customers and maximizing the return on investment. A creative design speaks loud about the company and the business it is in, grabbing the attention of online visitors at the very first glimpse. It is said that the key to online business is to create a lasting impression in the minds of target audience. And this can be achieved only with a good website design. And if you hit your target audience right, nobody can stop you from maximizing your ROI.


Advantages of Website Design in Maximizing ROI:


Online businesses, both new and developed, have to face two important challenges that will determine the success or failure of such website. The first and most important challenge revolves around getting identified by your target audience, and the second challenge is to convert them into profitable customers. And these two vital elements contribute towards maximizing your website ROI. However, you can overcome these challenges by hiring professionally skilled web designers who create and develop custom robust web design strategy.


The design of your website is what the online visitors see first. If it is easy to navigate, light to load, with user-friendly specifications, it will keep the visitors engaged to your website. This is how you overcome the most important challenge of grabbing the attention of your target audience amongst such cut-throat competition. And it is not merely about catching the attention of your potential customers online; it is important that you keep them engaged on your website, so that they learn about different products and services offered by you. This will instill an interest among them about your business, thus, leading to sales conversion and higher return on investment. Thus, web design plays the foundation for converting the potential visitors to profitable customers, thus, maximizing ROI in the most impressive manner.Web Design Company in Delhi offers cheap & affordable services to across the world.


How to Create the Right Website Design for Improved ROI:


To generate higher traffic and revenues for your online business, it is important to create a realistic strategy for your web design. Such a strategy will help your website to grab and convert potential visitors into profitable sales leads. Here are certain guidelines for creating the right website design that can help in attracting potential customers, thus, converting them into actual sales for improved revenues.


Define the purpose of your website – While the primary goal of a website is to attract the right audience and achieve a higher conversion rate, each of them has a specific set of purpose and objectives. It is important that you define the core purpose of your website to the designer, thus, helping him to prepare a plan accordingly. As for example, if you are building a website to encourage people for online shopping, your website design should particularly aim at promoting such purpose.


Create a theme that represents your brand and business – A website design is the reflection of your company; the type of business you are in. The sole aim is to create a design that best represents your brand, thereby promoting awareness and reputation. If the online visitors do not get anything to connect to, how will they be interested in your business? Hence, it is important that the website design clearly portrays your brand and services, making the web visitors understand what the business is all about and how they can be utilized from such website. Maintain a uniform design theme for your website signifies professionalism, thus, instilling interest among visitors. It also helps in improving the reputation of online business.


Use the Latest Tools and Techniques that Promotes User-Experience on your Website – Every day, new tools and technologies are being developed in the field of website designing, simplifying the process and improving user-experience on your website. It goes without saying that website designs which are fast to load, easy to navigate and provides user-friendly facilities, offer the best user-experience online. Such design specifications help in keeping the visitors engaged on your website, giving them time to learn about your business and important services that you offer. This will instill an interest among the visitors, often converting them into profitable sales for improved ROI. Hence, it is important that your web designer stays updated with the latest design tools and technologies, enhancing user experience and compelling them to take a profitable action.


The key to improved ROI is to create an attractive web design that is most relevant and interesting to your target audience. More relevant and unique the web design, more the web visitors will be inclined to pay a visit to your website, promoting the conversion rate and return on investment. Creating a web design following the above-mentioned guidelines can ensure effective brand promotion in the tough online environment, making increased profits and earning greater value for money. With the right and unique website design, you can create a niche of your business, earning a competitive edge over other websites in your industry.


Future Prospects for Website Designing:


Web designing is one of the most important elements of internet marketing and the importance is expected to grow significantly over the years. A day would come when online visitors can identify a brand with its design only. Unlike the traditional marketing techniques, web designing is the most cost-effective form of communicating and generating sales online make profits and get improved return on investments. Catering particularly to your target audience, website design plays a vital role in grabbing the attention of online visitors amongst thousands of other websites, converting them into profitable customers, and earning revenues. However, it is important to understand that only having an attractive web design is not enough. There are several other factors that are intrinsically related to online marketing.


Hence, it goes without saying that the right website design, in addition to several other important factors, plays a significant role in improving sales of any online business, promoting brand awareness, reputation and loyalty. Eventually, this helps in improving the ROI of your business. Hire an experienced and professionally skilled website design company today.



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India has emerged as a favorite outsourcing hub all over the world. The reasons are quite obvious. Where else are the companies going to find heavy-duty talent all in one place. This is a country which takes the education of their children quite seriously. Parents leave no stone unturned in order to help make the dreams of their wards come true. However, the burgeoning population of India does not leave much scope of getting employment chances based on the individual skills and abilities. As a result unemployment emerged as a great bane which the whole country struggled with. However, the situation has changed for the better in the recent times.

America and Europe realized the untapped potential that is India and started using the manpower here to their own advantage. But profit is a two way process. So, the highly skilled young generation here also jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon to go for great employment opportunities and unbelievable pay scales. Why you should outsource your website designing to India? The answer is simple enough to give. Nowhere else will you find high class service and incomparable expertise which this country has on offer. And the best thing about them is that it all comes cheaper.

When you get the same job done in your country it can really stretch your budget and the finished product may not even be at par with what you had in mind. In India you are going to find professionalism, sincerity, and experience in your industry circle and complete dedication to the job. So, when you are looking for high end skills which achieve results for your company and takes your business to the next level, think outsourcing to India. It is bound to be in your best interest.Web design Company in Delhi to help you compete effectively on the web. We offers corporate website design, CMS based website design, Website Redesign maintenance with affordable range.



When any organizational process is left in the hands of a third party for the completion, it is known as outsourcing. More and more companies are jumping on this bandwagon to primarily reduce operational costs and increase overall profits. However it is important to remember that it is an arrangement which is not extremely short term. These arrangements last for a significant time period. You get a round the clock support for your organization. Instead of maintaining a full blown infrastructure within it is possible to leave the total functioning related to a specific department on an outsourcing company.

You get cheap labor and high quality service with minimum fuss. However this is true only when you go for foreign shores such as India for getting your work done. Outsourcing may also sometimes refer to domestic contracting. This is a symbiotic relationship where more than one company remains in a mutually beneficial position, where services get exchanged in lieu of payments. Overcome shortage of skill within the industry and increase the overall performance levels this is what outsourcing has on offer.

There is no longer the need for the training of staff in specialized areas such as web designing, which may not even be needed when a particular project gets completed. In the modern world more and more small capital businesses are surviving only on the online realm. They do not have conventional offices but rather simply operate through outsourcing and these are even making great profits doing just that.



With the right selection and operation, companies can actually save a lot of money and get work done quickly and effectively through outsourcing. Here are some of the advantages.

When a company starts to grow, the expansion of office and activities may take up the resources of the core work. With outsourcing you can avoid that.

Misutilization of financial and human resources can be curbed thoroughly.

Refocus on the services offered by your organization and the overall quality of your business.

Cost effective and thoroughly efficient this is how outsourcing can be considered. So quite naturally more and more large corporations are taking to it.

Decrease the complications of the job and keep it running smoothly without hitches.

Overhead and infrastructural costs can be reduced to a high degree.

No need to recruit staff and maintain offices when you can get the work done at much reduced costs elsewhere.

If the operational costs of designing and maintaining a website are leaving you high and dry it is time to consider outsourcing as a viable option.

There are certain staffing needs in every organization which are only seasonal. For example when a new project like new web designing comes along. So you can outsource when such a need arise.

Keep operations running smoothly even when there is a sudden staff shortage. This may occur with employee resignation or firing.


There are always two sides to a coin. Same is the case with outsourcing. With so many advantages to it let’s see some of the flip sides.

By going for outsourcing you are basically leaving off the total control and management to another agency. The standards driving them may not be as strict as you like.

There are always hidden costs which are not given up front. So be ready for them. If the contract is not perused thoroughly you may be at a disadvantage later on.

Breach of confidentiality is another issue which put outsourcing to a disadvantage. There is certain information businesses need to divulge in order to get work done. So it is necessary to hire a company which is reliable and has an unshakable integrity.

Remember any organization is motivated by profit and they may or may not be fanatics regarding quality control. So many times you may find substandard work done which does not commensurate with your expectations.

By outsourcing the financial stability of your organization becomes dependent on another. So if it goes bankrupt, it may reflect badly on your own finances as well.

By cutting off a certain part of the work force because of the outsourcing gains you may be compromising on the morale of your staff. And this in turn may reflect badly on the company performance.

Latest Market Trends:



The latest market trends in the outsourcing of web designing to India shows that the trend is bound to continue in a more organized manner compared to before. It has basically become a business essential instead of just another option. Entire IT departments which involve everything related to companies including their web designing are to be transplanted in an offshore environment in order to increase efficiency. This phenomenon is becoming prevalent by the day. Instead of going through agencies, more and more companies are recruiting outsourced workforce from India and other countries on a direct basis. In such a scenario they are becoming the employees of the companies themselves.


The future of outsourcing and how it will enhance the growth of different industries/businesses:

If the latest trends are to be believed the future looks quite bright for the various outsourcing companies in every possible field including web designing. Businesses are going to need better and more viable websites to reach the maximum possible number of customers. And India has the definite expertise to increase the sales and profits of the organization. The newer generation is improving rapidly, and as such has so much to offer on the global platform. Industries the world over are only too happy to delve into their capabilities for an economic stability on a global scale.



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The SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making a website one of the most visited websites of its kind by providing it with a high rank in search engine result pages. There are plenty of great SEO techniques and backlinks are one of the most used ones. The backlinks are the links which drive traffic from other websites to your site, and the more trusted backlinks you have, the more respect you will get from the search engines.

Some effective methods to build your back links:

When building your backlinks, make sure of the fact that you are creating the ones which are valued by the search engine algorithm. Building backlinks requires a clear planning and you first need to set your goal and then start building the links. There are few ways that work better than the others. Some of them are:

One of the most effective methods of building backlinks is to post comments in blogs. However, what is important mostly is to make sure that you only post comments in blogs which are related to the subject of your website or else you will not be able to make your backlinks to be considered as valuable. Try posting blogs which are popular and then comment in them with a link towards your site in the end. Make your comment valuable and expressive, so that the blog owners don’t delete your comments by marking them as spam

Forum posting is another great way to build effective backlinks. Just like commenting, you have to make sure that you find forums which are dealing with issues same as your website and then create your profile. A renowned forum will be more effective for this and you must create a complete profile. Once you are a member of a forum, start posting about valuable information, which is actually helpful. Provide the link towards your site and place them strategically so that they don’t seem as desperate attempts to derive traffic. If you keep posting valuable information in these forums then you will get good results soon.Website Design Company in Delhi that specializes in web designing, development, mobile marketing

There are a several social media websites where you can post articles, images and videos and viewed by millions of people. These websites are excellent for backlinks as you will have the chance to attract a good amount of crowd. However, the point to remember is that, with so many contents available online, people are only interested in good ones, which are either entertaining or are helpful. You must keep this in mind that if you can’t provide valuable contents then you will loose more than you get. You have to make sure that your visitors like you or else they won’t be interested in you

Article directories have become few of the most visited websites because of the huge resources they have. These article directories have a lot of valuable articles which are not only SEO articles, but also general articles for the readers. What you can do is to write articles on subjects that relates to the subject of your own website and submit them in the directories. You can include your link at the end of the article for providing the readers with more information that are available on your site. You can also provide the link in your bio that every article directory requires

However, beyond all these, the most effective place to create backlinks from is the social networking sites. There are plenty of these sites where people around the globe spend their time connecting with others. These types of websites have a huge following and even getting a little percentage of it can make your website the most viewed site of its kind. In these social sites, you can share the links to your site and to different pages of your site that you think may interest people. The social sites, like Facebook and Twitter, have followings of millions of people who visit the sites regularly. All you have to do is to post something attractive and share your link with it


Help others to help you:

You surely have heard the phrase “those who help, find help” and this is a very true adage. Even if you help people who are not as generous as you are, there is no way you cannot gain from that if you know how to help with a purpose. A goal oriented article writing strategy can actually help you to gain some traffic and create backlinks. There are thousands of very popular blogs online, but at times the blog owners find it hard to maintain the blog with regular posts alone and so they look for guest writes. When few of them offer money in return, many actually let you post articles that have links to your website.


What you need to do is to search for blogs which share articles and other media resources that can relate to your website’s subject. Select few of them according to their popularity and send emails to the owners asking if they need guest writers. Most of them will happily let you write for them if you have good writing skills and that is all you need. You can use keywords or direct links to the website you have in the articles you write for them and you will start getting some shared readers with that blog. This way you can help the blog owners to help you with backlinks.

Remember one thing that you are not the only person looking for backlinks. There are plenty of websites which need quality backlinks and that’s exactly what gives birth to the idea of sharing backlinks. This way you can be connected with a network of websites which share their backlinks with other similar kind of websites. You will be sharing their backlinks when they will be sharing yours. It will be a win-win situation for all the connected websites. However, before doing this, you must make sure that you are exchanging backlinks with websites which worth it.


Things to Avoid:

When you are creating backlinks, there are a few things that you must avoid as they are more disruptive than helpful. The ones which you must always remember are:

Some celebrities use bad publicity to attract people if they have no real talent and that is exactly what you must not do. Never share your links to any site which have even slightest of bad name.

The mass backlinking websites should never be used. These websites share backlinks of hundreds of websites, and when you become one of the hundreds, you loose your value.

Never spam. This is one thing that you have to keep telling yourself as spamming is like a bad habit that, once enter your system, never leaves you. If you spam then all your links will soon be deleted. Search engines will not value your backlinks either.

Now as you know, How to make your backlinks more effective starts working and don’t stop unless you find success.

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